take your power back
       Taking your power back is a powerful action. To me, it means regaining the mind-state of fearlessness, courage, and humility. These self healing qualities are so easily lost amidst the chaos. On the surface it could seem like they are lost forever but they are not. Through meditation, art, yoga or whatever heals you, you can regain that sense of power; You can regain your sense of purpose.
    So I created this piece to honor a musical hero of mine, Nahko Bear right after his newest album released. I played through each amazing song, got some reference photos and created this original graphic portrait. Studying and rendering his tattoos was my favorite part of the process. The color palette is a mix of his old logo and the new album art. The colors are slightly desaturated but still bold. Nahko uses the imagery of red ocher clay, and red roads. I felt that red suited this piece. The contrasting yellow was a design choice and I believe it it was a good one. 
Thanks for reading my first blog post. It was a special one for me.
-Matt Dillon
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